#WhatsOnRKid🐝 Track review – Kashmere: “Gravity”

It’s no wonder Rock and Roll went full-on space age in the late sixties. Space Race propaganda was beamed onto telly during every news break, whilst the New Wave of trippy, paranoid and political Sci-Fi in literature and film began to dominate. Bowie, Elton, Floyd, Hawkwind, T Rex, The Beatles, Hendrix; the biggest names in Rock became enthralled with the fusion of rock and space, ditching puppy-love songwriting of the early sixties for projections about outer space and its meaning to us on earth.


Stockport quartet Kashmere share the interplanetary fantasies of the sixties on their new track “Gravity,” but instead of ditching the loved-up sentiment, they use the cosmos to write about a love that’s out of this world. It’s a cosmic soft-rock ballad, with gorgeous lyrics about co-existence and galactic imagery about a girl that’s “halfway to the moon on a magic bus.” It’s trippy and blissful, which is perfectly fitting for the track’s celestial vibe.

Pillowy synths and a slinky bassline create a floaty aroma, whilst sliding guitar strings hover through the soundscape before veering off into the atmosphere. The hook is an absolute earworm, whilst the middle-eight takes a gorgeous dramatic turn, with crashing drums, colliding guitars and beautifully layered vocals.

It’s worlds (or planets) away from their usual knack of cooking up indie-pop bobs, but we hope Kashmere decide to chuck on their space suits more often. Despite delving into more classic territory, this has pushed them on to be more ambitious and inventive with their sound. When they swoon into that middle eight at the two-minute mark, they embark on something quite special. Watch the boys lift off in 2019.

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