#WhatsOnRKid🐝 Track Review – Kashmere: “Lucid”


How were Stockport quartet Kashmere going to top a year like 2018? After a pivotal 12 months which saw the band sign to local label Scruff Of The Neck and release one glittering synth-rock bop after another, the boys then embarked on two nationwide tours and hit up China and Germany for their first International gigs.

Millions of streams later and on the cusp of seriously blowing-up, the band swooned into 2019 with “Gravity,” a spacey soft-rock ballad that fused sci-fi and psychedelia with serious camp (read our review of the track here). It was a triumphant departure from their signature sound, but the lads have now returned with another glittering synth-rock banger in the shape of “Lucid,” the closing track to their brand new debut E.P of the same name.

Just like their biggest singles “Codeine” and “Anaesthesia,” the group use shimmery guitar leads and cloudy synths to send their tune floating across the metaphorical dance floor in your ear canal. But “Lucid” still has quirks that are brand new to the band. Joey Newey’s voice sounds almost New Romantic in the verses as his vocals float isolated over the sparse percussion and cloudy synths.

It’s no wonder the group opted to create something spacious for Joey to take the spotlight. “Lucid” features the catchiest vocal melody he’s written to date and the quality writing doesn’t just stop with the melody, either. Following the lyrical theme of the first three tracks on the E.P, Joey paints a picture of intense longing and anxiety in love’s absence, with druggy metaphors woven in between the lines to throw you off the scent. His lyricism is dark and personal but always written with broad strokes, leaving just enough to the imagination.

With the backing of a top label in SOTN and what’s sure-to-be their biggest headline tour to support their brand new debut E.P, we’re rooting for our boys to make 2019 another massive year for themselves. Catch them at their upcoming show at Band On The Wall on the 6th September and pre-order one of a hundred copies of their debut E.P in vinyl, featuring a surprise bonus track and stunning album artwork created by Joey.

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